After a successful run at The Peoples Improv Theater, we are thrilled to announce that Unpacking: A Ghost Story Told in the Dark will run at HERE in New York City.

Runs July 26th - August 13th

Wednesdays - Saturdays at 7pm; Sundays at 2pm

Get your tickets here.


Poster created and designed by Chris Kalb

Poster created and designed by Chris Kalb

More about "Unpacking: A Ghost Story Told in the Dark":

A happy couple has just moved into their new home. But the novelty of homeownership quickly fades as they face a sea of boxes, a major blackout, and, shortly thereafter, the ghosts of all their past relationships.

In the next installment of their six-month residency, Marina & Nicco combine two of your biggest fears: the dark and commitment.  The audience lends a hand by lighting the stage for a couple that is literally, and figuratively, feeling their way through the dark.

Flashlights will be provided.


Written and Directed by Niccolo Aeed

Written and Produced by Marina Tempelsman

Set Design by Ally Spier

Lighting Design by Kaitlyn Cechetti

Produced by Michelle Francesca Thomas

Anthony: Temesgen Tocruray
Melissa: SJ Son
Serena: Emily Mathwich
James: Jeff Solomon
Lona: Monique Moses
Lou: Odera Adimorah
Catherine: Sarah Heveron-Smith


Photos from the original production courtesy of Zach Kelly.  Special thanks to our audiences for the beautiful lighting.